Cymatic Images in Nature and Human Design

“The images presented here document vibratory movements in nature and human activity and are designed to uncover organizational and design patterns that visually illustrate the vibrational nature of matter, energy, consciousness, and reality. These images are best approached as vibrational icons for contemplation that reveal a greater, hidden reality than is apparent in the mere physical forms observed. They contain information about the universe, ourselves, and the vibratory nature of everything that exists. They are used to instruct and delight ourselves and as spiritual and therapeutic tools for wellness and artistic expression. They can help focus and guide our consciousness into greater awareness of frequency and vibration in nature, and ourselves as conscious sonic beings, co-creators of the reality we experience. The process is one of self-
exploration and inquiry into the vibrational aspect of phenomena and consciousness in order to gain a greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Nature and our nature, and as a healing practice for ourselves and the planet. They are the culmination of years of observation, performance, clinical practice and intellectual inquiry into the effect of vibration and sound on the body, psyche, nervous system, the behavior of individuals and groups, and one’s perception of reality.”

Dr. David Perez, MD

Cymatics in Nature

Human Design


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