Tuneup Rx is designed to bring healing practices back to the forefront of medicine and self care. The objective is to bridge the link between health, music, sound, spirituality, medicine, wellness and daily life. In his many years working as an Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Perez has experienced tremendous success treating a wide range of conditions including patients who have struggled to find long-term improvement using medication and/or traditional therapies alone.


Nearly 30 year’s experience integrating sound, music, meditation, breathing and physical exercises into standard psychiatric practice and daily life, Dr. David Perez Created Tuneup Rx to address the biggest challenge facing the modern medical profession: the corporate takeover and commercialization of medicine and shift away from the practice of healing. Modern Doctors have become highly specialized repairmen focused on specific problem areas in the body and/or mind without addressing the totality or wholeness of the individual, and the manner in which all the parts are interconnected. The result is usually widespread dissatisfaction in both patients and practitioners.


To easily understand the role of vibration and sound in promoting wellness, Dr. Perez compares people to musical instruments capable of making beautiful music but only when regularly tuned. Falling out of tune (or losing inner balance) is a daily, surprisingly easy occurrence for most individuals.

Fears, anxiety, depression and/or worries about money, relationships, health, politics, the future, etc., can be a source of daily unrelenting stress and result in serious emotional and/or physical imbalances that are disruptive to life.

Our nervous system evolved under the influence of sound and vibration. It is therefore the primary target of all therapeutic sound healing practices. Sound can activate the Sympathetic Nervous System when we need to be alerted to danger, the Parasympathetic Nervous System when we need to relax, socialize, sleep, concentrate etc., and in general to promote growth and regeneration in the body. Our capacity for communication and social behavior is also dependent on the neural structures in our brains developed to process sound / vibration

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